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What is DEV?

DEV will be an abbreviation for a web developer or web engineer. A web developer is responsible for planning and developing software solutions or web applications. Maintenance and care of websites are included in the role of a web developer.

The unique IT solution for every medium-sized company

Nowadays, besides technical aspects, the individuality and uniqueness of a website are very important. The No-black-box-SEO developer team offers many possibilities to make your digital business unique and individualized while bringing your digital business to a much more professional and higher level.


Individual page structure adjustments

The digital world is full of websites always based on the same page templates and page structures. Once a decision has been made on the template to be implemented, individual page structure adjustments are hardly possible. This results in a template being used several times losing its uniqueness.


Our goal is to find the best-individualized web solutions for your company

Website redesign

Don’t be afraid to redesign your website. Even mere maintenance can result in changes large enough to affect your Visibility Index. Here are some of the most common technical occurrences that also affect your keywords and ultimately their visibility:

  • Changes in your URL structure
  • Delete some pages/URLs – Check 404 errors and implement some redirects if necessary
  • Changing the structure of your internal linking strategy – if some internal links don’t lead to existing pages now, you can easily correct this
  • Some pages are blocked for indexing/crawling – Check your robots.txt files if some pages cannot be indexed
  • Changing the WordPress theme, which may have its own SEO set up

Multidisciplinary team

The individualized page creation is intended for companies that want to stand out from the crowd and want to offer something unique. Our web development works on a multidisciplinary basis and is in close consultation with the Frontend Developer, SEO team, UX Designer and SEA team

DEV Codierung

Programming and script languages

Our web developers are proficient in common programming and script languages such as JavaScript, VanillaJS, jQuery, Laravel, and PHP as well as special frameworks. Frontend technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 are used in the projects.


The tasks of a web developer or web engineer

  1. Planning and development of web applications
  2. Support and maintenance of websites
  3. Coordination of all tasks related to the subject of web-based software solutions
  4. Frontend and backend development

WordPress as the CMS

We offer web solutions for your new e-commerce business or your online shop. The unique and individualized design is coordinated and developed with the front-end developer. We recommend using WordPress as the CMS (Content Management System). It is the world’s best-known CMS and offers numerous individual design options.

For small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who want to start an e-commerce business or an online shop, we recommend the WordPress plug-in WooCommerce. The plug-in has been downloaded 15 million times worldwide and is the most popular e-commerce plug-in for WordPress.

We work out the individual solutions together with you in order to design a suitable and successful online presence for your company

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