Offpage SEO

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Index of content


The aim of a detox report is to identify and eliminate potentially harmful links


Non-linked mentions

You should convert non-linked mentions into backlinks and initiate new link building. In order to be able to recognize mentions, you need the chargeable LRT and you have to carry out a detox report. The information about unlinked mentions is extremely valuable and shows you, potential new link partners.

Before you write to potential link partners, you should check their reputation (power and trust)


Set up Google My Business (Local SEO)

Google My Business (GBM) belongs to local SEO but also to offpage SEO. Local SEO is a complex topic and very important for locally operating companies. Entering NAP data (name, address and telephone number) in GMB also enables entry on Google Maps. It is recommended that you complete your GMB account and enter additional information.


With a GMB entry, your customers can rate and comment on your company


Business directories

Registering the company with important industry portals can take offpage SEO to another level. It is important that you use the same phone number and address. An industry portal analysis could help you to identify the important portals more easily.

The business directories are an important source of backlinks and highly recommended for any local business.

The business directories will help you to increase the number and quality of incoming references (backlinks)

Social media

Social media are deliberately mentioned here, although they are a separate area: According to Google, the signals from social media cannot directly influence the ranking, but this is only partially true. The links in social media can have an impact on organic traffic and play a major role in marketing success. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn play a decisive role in the dissemination of the content of your website.

Social media can help you attract attention and generate more traffic on your website



In the context of offpage SEO, black hat SEO or blackhat SEO is often used. These are SEO measures that can lead to a penalty. It is recommended that your cloaking (search engines see a different website than the users), doorway pages (pages that are switched in between and prepared for search engines) and invisible text (users cannot read the text, but the search engines can) not used on your website.

Every black hat SEO measure can lead to a penalty or even removal from the Google index


Offpage SEO or offpage search engine optimization includes the SEO measures (backlink profile analysis, detox analysis, disavow file, link building) that are carried out outside the website.

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