What is Offpage SEO?

In simple terms, offpage seo meaning (link building, social media and brand mentions) is simple: it involves all possible actions that you can take outside of your website that will improve the rankings.


The trinity of SEO is onpage SEO, offpage SEO and technical SEO. A good website needs all three in order to succeed. These three SEO components are also necessary for your offpage SEO to be impactful. Think of your SEO as a stool with three legs: Having three legs will make it your SEO stable, and if you pull one out, you risk stool instability or optimization system.

The goals of offpage optimization are to bring in some traffic and gain higher Power & Trust for your website. You can achieve this either via SERP rankings and organic clicks, or through promotions. You don’t always have to push for all at the same time, but having a good off page seo means that you analyzed your market and competitors. Obviously, you should utilize all off page optimization techniques properly in order to get the best ROI for your company.

Index of content

If you are completely unfamiliar with offpage SEO, consider using an SEO freelancer that also does backlink analysis. They can do an audit of your site, and competition research to tell you exactly what types of links you need to catch up, or stay ahead. You need to find a linkbuilding strategy that will help you rank your most important keywords. That can be achieved by picking the right websites that are semantically relevant and have good metrics in terms of off page seo value. Tools that can help you with the analysis are for example: LRT (LinkResearchTool), SEMrush Backlink Analytics, Site Explorer from Ahrefs, Majestic SEO.


Brand Building

Building brand awareness is one of the key proponents of off page seo, which does not have to be separate from link building. The brand teams and link builders should sit at the same table because they can help each other out. Working for a famous brand will also add credibility, which makes the link builder’s job easier when they do their outreach. It is also highly likely that writers will link back to your brand if they see it as a source of data, content, information or newsworthy stories.

You can get a lot of links if you are potentially a big industry name that people want to cover in their content. Important task in terms of brand awareness is to create the linkable assets so that a large number of links with brand mentions can be generated. Having your brand mentioned in an article with a link leading back to your website is a signal to both the users and Google. Both will start to associate your brand name with the topic, which is the ultimate goal.

In terms of off-page SEO, especially link building, the smaller brands find it difficult to position themselves well. Lesser-known brands will require a different brand building strategy approach, where you try and establish them as a relevant authority in their respective niche. The goal is to rank as high as possible for important keywords and slowly become a name associated within their own industry.


Google Search Console helps you to identify the most important backlinks faster

The aim of a detox report is to identify and eliminate potentially harmful links


Non-linked mentions

You should convert non-linked mentions into backlinks and initiate new link building. In order to be able to recognize mentions, you need the chargeable LRT and you have to carry out a detox report. The information about unlinked mentions is extremely valuable and shows you, potential new link partners.

Before you write to potential link partners, you should check their reputation (power and trust)


Set up Google My Business (Local SEO)

Google My Business (GBM) belongs to local SEO but also to offpage SEO. Local SEO is a complex topic and very important for locally operating companies. Entering NAP data (name, address and telephone number) in GMB also enables entry on Google Maps. It is recommended that you complete your GMB account and enter additional information.


With a GMB entry, your customers can rate and comment on your company


Business directories

Registering the company with important industry portals can take offpage SEO to another level. It is important that you use the same phone number and address. An industry portal analysis could help you to identify the important portals more easily.

The business directories are an important source of backlinks and highly recommended for any local business.

The business directories will help you to increase the number and quality of incoming references (backlinks)

Offpage SEO and social media

According to Google, the signals from social media cannot directly influence the ranking, but this is only partially true. The links in social media can have an impact on organic traffic and play a major role in marketing success. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn play a decisive role in the dissemination of the content of your website.

If your pages rank for matching keywords, those keywords will rank high and users will visit your pages organically. But what if you have something that needs to be promoted immediately, or you want to give some of your campaigns an extra push? Then you utilize off page seo social media strategies, to give your brand or products the much-needed exposure.

Having paid ads on social networks is a quick way to target a specific audience. But for it to work, you need good content strategy social media experts. They will create content that the users will find engaging. With the right design, copywriting and landing page optimization, social media becomes a powerful tool for your offpage SEO.

Social media can help you attract attention and generate more traffic on your website



In the context of offpage SEO, black hat SEO or blackhat SEO is often used. These are SEO measures that can lead to a penalty. It is recommended that your cloaking (search engines see a different website than the users), doorway pages (pages that are switched in between and prepared for search engines) and invisible text (users cannot read the text, but the search engines can) not used on your website.

Every black hat SEO measure can lead to a penalty or even removal from the Google index

Influencer Marketing and Offpage SEO

One of the most authentic ways to get customers to see your product online, is to use influencer marketing. This business model has some variations, so these are the most common ways to collaborate with influencers. Let them review your product or advertise it on their platforms. They can do it through social media posts, blogs, or video format.

You can use a different influencer marketing strategy depending on what you want to achieve. Someone with a lot of followers will be good for brand awareness, but it might be best to find influencers that are in your niche. The success factors of influencer marketing will largely depend on whether you find the right influencers for your offpage SEO strategy.

Let’s assume that you are in the travel industry. If you own a mountain cottage, you would want to use travel bloggers and give them a weekend stay at your accommodation. In that way, they can promote it through firsthand experience. Their followers, who are interested in this topic, will most likely want to stay at your place as well if they like what they see.

However, if you own a large hotel, you can scale this strategy by having multiple influencers and giving them an affiliate code. They will promote your hotel and their followers can use the unique promo code as a booking coupon to get a discount. The influencers can either earn a fixed fee, or a percentage from each customer depending on what you agree.

The amount of followers and the exposure you’ll get, the packages you choose for your offpage SEO campaigns, can make the cost of influencer marketing get high. We recommend trying out different strategies and tracking your ROI. You will see what works best for your business so you can stick to the winning recipe and get the most for your money. You might not get an immediate return of profit, but you will build the right audience in the long run!


As one of the most prevalent mediums nowadays, you can use podcasts for building your audience or for advertising. Podcasts are starting to play an important role in every relevant offpage SEO campaign strategy. People who have podcasts can be considered as influencers as their business models are quite similar. They can promote your product by having it displayed as merchandise during the show.

The podcasters can have ad breaks during the pod where they read out a copy about your business or what you are selling. You can also give them an affiliate code unique to that podcast so you can track how many customers you’ve earned through that affiliate link. There are obviously podcasts that might deal with your specific niche, but there are also popular podcasts that might have your desired target audience. You can also ask for analytics from your podcasters to see whether they mostly have male or female listeners. They can track from what countries their listeners come from, and some other things that will help you choose whether that podcast is the right platform for your product placement.

If you believe that you can start your own podcast that would benefit your business, go ahead. You will be able to bring in your customer base and build an even better relationship with them through this medium. If you are starting from scratch, find an insightful way to talk about you or your business that would bring in a new audience that would become regular podcast listeners. That in return would yield loyal customers and customer retention is a major part of every successful business model.

Set the rules and goals beforehand so the ROI and the number of new customers can be something that you can be proud of!


Offpage SEO or Offpage search engine optimization includes:

Link building

Brand building

Backlink Profile Analysis

Detox analysis and disavow file

Content marketing strategy

Local SEO

Social media

Influencer Marketing


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