SEO Checklist

Autor: Vladimir Milivojevic

Datum: 10.10.2021

The on-page and technical SEO checklist you will need in 2022

  1. Robots.txt

    • Present or not?
    • Doesn’t exclude important directories from crawling?
    • Sitemap is linked?
  2. Sitemap.xml

    • Contains all URLs that are available for indexing
    • Does not contain URLs that should not be indexed
    • Is there a link in Robots.txt?
  3. Meta-Robots

    • Present or not?
    • Index / Follow used?
  4. Canonical

    • Present or not?
    • Is the canonical attribute self-referential?
  5. Hreflang

    • Present or not?
    • Are all URLs versions listed?
  6. Pagination

    • Paginated pages are correctly marked with <link rel = “prev“> and <link rel = “next“>
    • Only self-referential canonical tags are assigned
  7. PageSpeed

    • Mobile / desktop comparison
    • Mobile: no throttling / 3G fast check
    • PageSpeed ​​Insights – LCP, CLS and FID
  8. Browser caching

    • mod_expires
  9. Website compression

    • GZIP
    • JavaScript
    • CSS
    • HTML
  10. „Above the fold“ content

    • Important content is presented “above the fold”
    • Rendering of content “above the fold” is not blocked by CSS and JS
  11. Schema Markup

    • Present or not?
    • Opengraph data are maintained
    • Rich search results
  12. URL structure

    • User-friendly navigation
    • Logical page architecture based on keyword research
    • Clear, short URLs (self-explanatory URLs)
    • URLs that should not be indexed/crawled, are excluded with robots.txt or meta robots
  13. Redirects

    • All orphaned pages have a redirect target
  14. Title-Link

    • Title-Link are assigned according to SEO best practice and contain a focus keyword
  15. Internal linking

    • Internal links set according to SEO best practice (focus keyword as anchor text)
    • All internal links are absolute
    • All link targets have HTTP status code 200
  16. 404 page

    • User-friendly and in the design of the website
    • Outputs 404 status
    • Offers users options for action (e.g. search function, link to the home page / other areas of the website)
  17. Image optimization

    • All images are compressed (preferably <100 KB)
    • Image file names optimized according to SEO best practice
    • ALT attribute optimized according to SEO best practice