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ChatGPT for SEO

Autor: Vladimir Milivojevic

Datum: 22.03.2024

ChatGPT with its advanced language processing capabilities and Large Language Model (LLM) has emerged as a valuable ally for SEO professionals and online marketers. Its ability to understand and generate human-like text makes it ideal for creating SEO-friendly content that resonates with search engines.

What is ChatGPT

Autor: Vladimir Milivojevic

Datum: 16.01.2024

Chat GPT is much more than a mere chatbot - It represents a groundbreaking AI development by OpenAI. This innovation redefines the landscape of conversational AI positioning itself as a versatile and sophisticated tool capable of mimicking human-like interactions with an impressive degree of accuracy.

Digital Transformation

Autor: Vladimir Milivojevic

Datum: 19.12.2023

In today's rapidly evolving digital environment the integration of digital transformation into business strategies is increasingly essential for achieving online success. The industry leaders assert that digital transformation is more than just a technological upgrade. This is a strategic revolution crucial for boosting online visibility and enhancing digital marketing effectiveness.

SEO Visibility

Autor: Vladimir Milivojevic

Datum: 20.06.2022

SEO Visibility is a proprietary metric that measures a website's visibility in organic search results. It shows how visible your website is in the SERPs.


Autor: Vladimir Milivojevic

Datum: 23.09.2021

What is JavaScript? In terms of the definition, it is a programming language. One of three major ones used for websites on the World Wide Web. It is present in over 97% of today’s websites, but what is it’s usage?